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A collection of completely pointless videos.


Man flu, or man colds, can be life threatening. Click here for a demonstration.

Hitler is somewhat miffed about the wrong bike. Click here.

Toyota's air con is VERY cold. See it in action


Ma na ma na. Do doo do do do. 'Nuff said.

Nobody likes a


Take the one-hour challenge. Click here and leave the new window open for an hour, with the speakers on. Bet you can't.


If it's mid-December onwards, then Merry Christmas


And Merry Christmas for the lads, too


The gayest referee in the world


How about one for the ladies.


How to fail a breathalyser test instantly.


Does this goal count?
This is why God gave them camels.
Good things come in threes. A little triple nipple tipple.
Ayup. Fly
Yorkshire Airlines.
Let this
stripper video run for a while.
You don’t have to do as he says, by the way!

This is the
correct way to arrest a terrorist.



Different Strokes? Disturbing Strokes:


Everyone loves a Grammar Nazi.


Click here for two very different versions of the same song.

"Sunny D and Rum" will be number one before we know it.

But which version?


How to piss off a frog. Watch this right to the end.


Unnecessary subtitles piss everyone off. Especially this bloke:



Check out this swearing toy. It's a toy. It swears. The fun never stops for pre-schoolers:



Now this is rather clever. It's a music video from the band OK Go: "This Too Shall Pass", with the most impressive Rube Goldberg machine you've ever seen. I rather like the sledgehammer in the telly.



A cat. A printer. It won't take the bloody paper. "F***ing Lexmark shit. Trust me - watch this:



The utterly worst cover version of any song. Ever. Ever. "Sweet Child O'Mine" mangled in a way that has never been heard before:



The classic 'Rainbow' as you've never seen it before. Get your twangers out and play with your friend's balls:




Who says Americans aren't stupid:


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


...and more.


The world's narrowest garage (no English necessary!):


A rather super little rap about the particularly noble British art of drinking tea:




How about the classic Monty Python Parrot sketch, featuring two Nigerian gentlemen:




A completely talentless musician but extremely talented editor:



Four Candles. Hopefully, no explanation needed, but if you don't know this sketch you should leave this site immediately:





I would go to the games page if I were you. It's more fun.


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